Our company is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified contractor specialized to provide services for amine units, for sweetening of gas and liquid hydrocarbons to remove H2S, CO2, mercaptans and CO2 from combustion flue gas.
Within our services we provide assistance to run amine units, giving operation guidelines, analytical support and troubleshooting for plant operation.

As concerns our services related to amine solvents, we provide: solvent reclamation by means of mobile units, based on the electro dialysis technology, amine management of heat thermo stable amine salts
Monitoring of amine unit corrosion: as concerns corrosion we provide chemicals such as antifoam, corrosion inhibitor, salt neutralizer, activated carbon.

We can manage on-the-fly” solvent changeover from MEA and DEA to MDEA and MDEA FORMULATED SOLVENTS, providing the solvent and new plants operation data with the aid of dedicated computer simulations. If you need to up-grade your old amine unit, we can provide the needed engineering, skid mounted filtration units, skid mounted chemical injection package, skid mounted amine units. With our EPC projects we offer the assistance by specialized operators for the commissioning and start-up of the amine units. Training of your operators for reliable operation of amine units is provided.

Company's Core Business

Global Services To:

Oil Refineries
Gas Plants
Petrochemical Gasification (IGCC)
Power Stations
Flue Gas
CO2 Capture

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Mobile Unit
To Reclaim:
Formulated Solvent

Epc For Amine Unit

Amine Unit Upgrading
Shale Gas Skid Mounted
Filtration System
Liquid / Gas Coaleshing
H2S Scavenger
Oxygen Scavenger
Chemicals Injection Skid