EPC Unit


On the basis of the EPC contract we can provide skid mounted units for:

 – Oil refinery amine units for sour gas and liquid hydrocarbons sweetening
– Upgraded old amine unit and solvent swap from primary amine to new solvent
– Gas plant amine unit for sweetening of: H2S – CO2 – MERCAPTANS – NITROGEN
– Amine unit for shale gas applications
– Amine unit for CO2 absorption on flue gas application
– Amine unit for bio-gas treatment
– Skid mounted filtration system for lean and rich solvent
– Skid mounted coalescing filtration for gas and liquid hydrocarbons
– Skid mounted LPG recovery with coalescing filters
– Skid mounted highly automated chemicals injection equipment
– Skid mounted H2S scavenger unit

Do you need to upgrade your Amine Unit?

We can provide services and EPC for the plant upgrade, to reach:

 • Higher throughput of washed gas

 • The lowest H2S & CO2 content in treated gas

 • The lowest operating & maintenance cost

This can be obtained by means of:

~ New instrumentation with advanced control technique supervised and optimized by online simulation program
~ On-line continuous analysis for H2S, CO2 and moisture content
~ “On the Fly” amine solvent swap form MEA-DEA-DGA®-DIPA to new formulated specialty amines
~ Perform all needed analyses by means of our Lab
~ On-line HSS removal by means of our “Amine Purification Unit”
~ On-line continuous monitoring of corrosion rates
~ New equipment with the right choice of metallurgy
~ Mobile skid-mounted filtration systems


Head Office: Taranto (Italy) – phone: +39 099 46.41.667 – specialtyamines@wimage.it
Agents: Kuwait – Saudi  – Oman – Abu Dhabi – Qatar  – Kazakhstan